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Your contact persons

Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Kessels
Authorized representative

Dipl.-Ing. Mareike Kessels
Managing Director

Dipl.-Ing. Willi Lechtenberg
Responsible for Design

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Tinnemann
Responsible for Installation & Assembly

» Company History

Floecksmühle Energietechnik GmbH has been a manufacturer of air-filled and water-filled rubber dams since 1985. In 1981 Ulrich Dumont, Norbert Kessels and Ulrich Wolf-Schumann set up the engineering firm Floecksmühle, followed up by Floecksmühle Energietechnik GmbH four years later.

Manual unrolling of the rubber sheet

The Floecks‘ mill »Floecksmühle« in Ochtendurg

The company was named after the mill owned by the Floeck family and home to young Ulrich Dumont. From 1959 the mill was operated by his parents Erich and Magret Dumont (née Floeck) only to be closed down a couple of years later like many others at that time. A turbine added to the former mill marked the start of the first small hydropower plant which shaped the childhood of Ulrich Dumont.

The idea of building rubber dams arose alongside the planning and realization of measures carried out on hydropower plants. Inspired by a traveler who had seen rubber dams of a very simple construction design in China the idea was born of developing a product of our own offering much latitude for development as well as creativity potential.

Nowadays the design and construction of technical features for rubber dams is the principal activity of Floecksmühle Energietechnik GmbH. The portfolio includes the entire value added chain ranging from design and production to installation and assembly. Floecksmühle’s experienced staff also offers and carries out maintenance work. There is no other provider in the market offering a range of services wide as this, which is why we call ourselves “THE rubber dam company”.

Permanent enhancement of the rubber dam technology, high quality awareness, accurate workmanship and continuous product adjustment are the outstanding features of Floecksmühle Energietechnik GmbH. Basing ourselves on our long-standing experience we managed to design an easy-to-install system allowing quick and high-precision installation and assembly of our rubber dams on site.

At the moment Floecksmühle has two operating premises. The management, design and electrical engineering departments are based in Bachstraße in Aachen. The production of all rubber dam components takes place in our 1,800m2 workshop located in Alsdorf.