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Los Laureles

The original concrete weir built in 1976 was meant to be used as a drinking water reservoir with a capacity of 9 million m³. In 1995 the storage capacity was extended by 3 million m³ through the addition of rubber dams. These rubber dams were modernized and updated to the state of the art by Floecksmühle in 2013. The weir was divided into two spans and a new control system was installed.

During the dry season the weir is completely deflated. The weir is fully inflated only during the rainy season so the maximum reservoir capacity is available.


Region America
Country Honduras
City Tegucigalpa
River Rio Guacerique
Build year 2013
Filling medium Air
Rubber sheet EPDM with three plies
Application Hydropower utilization
Project costs 3.5 Mio. US$
Dam Width Height
#130,9 m3,55 m
#230,9 m3,55 m