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» Design

The key requirements of both the mechanical and electrical components design in a rubber dam are to ensure safe operation and long service life. Besides, the construction type of the rubber dam is to ensure easy and rapid assembly. Moreover, maintenance should be as ergonomic as possible and take place at reduced intervals.

Our rubber dams meet these requirements through the application of proven technology and components, as well as our experience from building more than a hundred rubber dams.

The rubber dam software is designed and developed by Flocksmühle’s own electrical engineering team, enabling us to meet our customers’ specific requirements while enhancing the control system continuously on the basis of our long-standing experience.

The direct feedback from our production section and our assembly engineers along with the close contact with our clients have made it possible for us to continuously improve and enhance our rubber dams.

One of the key advantages of rubber dam technology consists in the flexibility of the overall system. The rubber dam may be adjusted to the most diverse dam geometries, with the technical equipment allowing for flexible layout. In practice this means that each rubber dam is unique. Our goal is to ensure a high flexibility while offering a competitive product at the same time. We achieve this aim by using a modular system with standardized elements on the one hand. On the other hand, we are convinced that high quality always pays in the long run.

» Production

Doing the production in our own facilities allows us to fulfill our clients’ individual requests. Direct exchange with our Design and Construction Team makes this area also stand out in terms of flexibility and on-the-spot adaptability.

In the production hall all incoming components are carefully checked. It also offers the space needed for pre-assembling all building blocks to the largest extent possible.

As the rubber sheet is also cut in our own production facilities, assembly time on the building site is much shorter. Besides, the spacious hall offers protection against weather and environmental influences so our high quality standards can be realized. In addition, we use the production hall for setting up various test stands for enhancing our rubber dams on a continuous basis.

The control cabinets of the rubber dams are built in our separate electrical workshop to our own design and to the design requested by our clients. Also the electrical equipment is tested and prepared for the installation.

» Assembly

In order to ensure the assembly time on site is as short as possible, our retaining system is set up using the modular principle. The components are pre-assembled in the production hall so as to allow rapid installation on site. As a result, the time needed for assembling a rubber dam is much shorter.

The procedure of mounting the retaining system and rubber sheet is standardized to the point that it can be done by the contractor’s staff under the guidance and upon training through one of our supervisors. To ensure the functioning of the rubber dam, a detailed quality system was developed for installing the retaining system. Of course, the installation can also be done by our qualified personnel.

The regulation system is generally installed by our own teams. This does not only include the mechanical but also the electrical installation of the control system. The installation work is completed with the commissioning of the rubber dam.

» Maintenance

Rubber dams are comparatively low-maintenance dam structures. However, being exposed to a large variety of external influences in the natural water environment, regular maintenance and monitoring are inevitable for the technical facilities. Only by doing so, the requirements of operational and functional reliability can be met.

The maintenance extent depends on local conditions such as climate, river cleanness as well as functional and security requirements. 

Regular checks of the sensors and other plant components contribute to increasing the reliability of the rubber dam significantly. Regular control of the bladder and the fixing system allows to detect potential damage at an early stage and thus to prevent any disruptions of operation.

On request we can plan the next maintenance date for your rubber dams and assist you in the performance.

Most of the minor repair work and replacement of spare parts is taken care of quickly and easily by our own specialized staff.